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Club Benefits

Not Just a Hobby for the Rich

  • Most small airplanes are rented by ordinary people like school teachers, nurses, bankers, and electricians.


  • The cost of ownership is shared among members.
  • Pilots are charged only for the time that they operate the engine. Key City Fliers uses the time registered on the tachometer which results in further savings to our members.
  • Our dues are modest at $75/mo and our planes are billed out at $83/hr for the Cherokee, $98/hr for the Archer II and $115/hr for the Dakota, fuel included.


  • As a member, you are covered by the Key City Fliers’ insurance policy.


  • Our online reservation system allows you to reserve an aircraft at any time.
  • No parking hassles. Simply leave your vehicle in the hangar while you are flying.
  • Skip lines at airports and eliminate long layovers; arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.
KDBQ Fuel: Jet A (FS): $4.39; 100LL (FS): $4.84; 100LL (SS): $4.54