Piper Dakota

Our latest plane is a serious workhorse. With 1138 pounds of useful load, you can take your family/friends AND their luggage and cruise comfortably to your destination at 170 mph.

Engine: 235 Horsepower 75% Cruise: 165 mph Range: 886 miles
  Srv Ceiling: 17,500 ft  
Max Fuel: 72 gal Empty Wt: 1,608 lbs Gross Wt: 3,000 lbs
Avionics - Full IFR: Garmin 530W, Garmin Aera 796 GPS, Bluetooth Audio Panel, Two-Axis Autopilot with Altitude Hold, Transponder, ADF, Stormscope, HSI

Piper Cherokee 140/160

Piper’s small four-seater is an economical aircraft to operate, making it a very affordable trainer for student pilots. In addition to local and cross country flights, experienced pilots use it to maintain their proficiency.

Engine: 160 Horsepower 75% Cruise: 121 mph Range: 710 miles
  Srv Ceiling: 12,500 ft  
Max Fuel: 50 gal Empty Wt: 1250 lbs Gross Wt: 2,150 lbs
Avionics - Autopilot, Dual Nav/Coms, GPS, Transponder, and intercom.